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This resource is by Pelican Talk and comes on a CD-ROM. It contains slideshows, and printable stories that systematically work through a whole lot of very important social skills. 

Each skill is explored by looking at Social Sam being successful... and at times, unsuccessful. The steps for each social act are shown, along with the verbal and non-verbal behaviours that are generally considered as appropriate.  It is in PDF format and is designed to be printed out, cut up and stapled together like a book. Each of these stories are provided on the CD-ROM as slideshows too. 

I tend to look at the slideshow in a session with a child and then send the book home for reinforcement. You can make up a set of books and use them as a lending library.

You can view more details about this program by going to the Pelican Talk website here. 

You can order Social Sam through Pelican Talk or come back and add it to your cart below. $85.00 (incl. GST)